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JScriptJavaScript (Microsoft version of JavaScript)
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NET-compliant language, including Visual Basic, C# and JScript.
Sydock XML Document Processor allows for using add-ins as COM objects and for VBScript, Jscript macros.
Such functionality reduces costs and improves document processing efficiency and accuracy by allowing distributed workforces to perform data validation tasks from multiple remote locations using a pure HTML and JScript interface.
GENEVA -- Today, the Ecma International Technical Committee 39 (TC39), a standards body that influences implementations such as JavaScript, JScript and ActionScript, has announced it will focus work on the next ECMAScript standard, ES3.
0 and McAfee Entercept(R) protect users against code execution that may result from exploitation of the buffer overflow/overrun vulnerabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer, ART, JScript, Windows Media Player, Routing and Remote Access Service, and PowerPoint.
It is essential that our users can edit and debug their new PowerShell scripts in the same trusted environment they have always used for VBScript and JScript," says Ferdinand Rios, CEO of SAPIEN Technologies.