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JTACJoint Terminal Attack Controller
JTACJoint Terrorism Analysis Centre (UK)
JTACJuniper Technical Assistance Center (various locations)
JTACJoint Tactical Air Controller
JTACJohn Tarleton Agricultural College (now Tarleton State University; Texas)
JTACJoint Technical Advisory Committee
JTACJoint Tactical Augmentation Cell (joint military operations)
JTACJoint Training Advisory Council
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A joint terminal attack controller, or JTAC, his job on the battlefield is to communicate the needs of the ground commander to the pilots whose job it is to put bombs on target.
In June, ROVER was used by an Air Force JTAC assigned to a Marine unit near Al Qaim, Iraq.
A fourth option calls for putting a JTAC in an airborne platform or including a forward air controller-airborne in selected CAS formations.
He's jealous anyway because I'm a JTAC and it's one of the best jobs in the Army.
But not all units have JTACs, which could be a problem should danger arise for a platoon or squad out on its own.
I still had radio contact with the JTAC on the ground, and I should have let him know what was going on in my cockpit.
As FAC(A)s, F-15E crews can leverage their two-man crew, tremendous weapons load, and time on station while simultaneously operating as natural extensions of Air Force JTACs and Army joint fires observers (JFO).
Thankfully, no UK soldier in this deployment as been killed on JTAC Hill, despite more than 100 assaults in December alone.
JTAC said it made its decision based on the "very latest intelligence".
The JTAC calls in an A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft to destroy machine gun stashes and potential snipers in the tallest structure.
JTAC bases its decisions on a range of factors including intelligence, recent events and what is known about terrorist intentions and capabilities.
I quickly decided to land at the LZ we just left, and asked the lead aircraft to coordinate with the JTAC to provide security.