JTAMDOJoint Theater Air and Missile Defense Organization
JTAMDOJoint Theater Air and Missile Defense Office
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Under the agreement, CSC will provide requirements, concepts, architecture, analysis, interoperability, force protection, engineering and integrated homeland air security support, as well as senior liaison support for the JTAMDO to combatant commands worldwide.
This contract underscores the CSC team's ability to provide unparalleled operational, technical and management support to the JTAMDO and the Department of Defense," said Paul Cofoni, president of CSC's Federal Sector business unit.
Unfortunately, numerous offices on several staffs contribute to the attack-operations/time-sensitive-targeting picture, which may create difficulties in coordinating a unified message to present to JTAMDO and MDA in programming and doctrine deliberations.
Before 2002, JTAMDO was known as the Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense Organization.
JTAMDO has been the lead Defense Department agency during the past five years for joint air defense concepts and cruise missile defense.
To help develop and mature inter-agency procedures and identify new technologies, JTAMDO is undertaking a three-year National Capital Region (NCR) demonstration project under Fridling's direction.
A Homeland Air Security Industry Day in September will be an important piece of the JTAMDO demonstration, says Fridling.
The JTAMDO document includes "things that CEC could do, related to joint characteristics and attributes, that we should or may consider for the next spiral," said Hicks.
JTAMDO has conducted demonstrations with Link 16, but has not tested it in an operational environment he said.