JTATEJournal of Technology and Teacher Education
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For journals such as JTATE and CITE, Pollard and Pollard (2004-2005) advocated a research landscape that examines six areas:
The editor of JTATE leads a monthly online discussion in TappedIn (http://www.
The article concludes with an invitation to continue this conversation by participating in TappedIn online discussions with the editor of JTATE and other researchers.
Debra Sprague is a worthy successor to Jerry as incoming JTATE editor and has proposed a number of innovations integrating print and electronic media.
She has published in JTATE, as well as other technology journals, such as the Journal of Computers in Teacher Education and Learning and Leading with Technology.
Most importantly, Debra will bring many of the same qualities of innovation and curiosity to the editorship of JTATE that have made it successful under Jerry Willis's stewardship.
Consequently, this time of transition for JTATE seemed an appropriate time to rethink the relationship among all of SITE's print and electronic publications.
This portal would include a link to an integrated submissions process for both JTATE and CITE Journal.
One idea is a cross-publishing strategy, in which authors publishing in their content area journals could refer to a sister article published in CITE Journal or JTATE.