JTCBJoint Targeting Coordination Board
JTCBJoint Training Control Board
JTCBJAA Type Certification Basis
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This friction between component commanders forced the JFC to appoint his deputy as the JTCB lead.
Each command has a JTCB of some form, but there is not a higher-level command JTCB to synchronize both target lists and set priorities for intelligence collection.
For simplicity, this organization should be referred to as the Strategic JTCB (S-JTCB).
JTCB processes focus on weapon platforms to include the traditional bombers and fighters effects to the role of nonkinetic effects that help enable EBO conditions.
A JFC-adopted AOD with integrated ISR effects may also be the procedure to establish an ISR linkage to nontraditional ISR sensors during the JTCB processes.
AOD), the JTCB and JCMB processes can accomplish this feedback.
This AOD approach provides the JFC and component commanders, through the JFACC, a viable means for guiding airborne ISR effects and assessment at the JCMB, just as they do at the JTCB.
The JFACC normally leads the JAOP process, which plans and executes targeting priorities determined by the JTCB.
But if the component commanders examine this process from the same point of view as the JTCB, they may recognize the synergy they can achieve by having influence over theater and national-ISR collection.