JTCCJohn Tyler Community College (Chester, VA)
JTCCJunior Touring Car Championship (Sweden)
JTCCJapanese Touring Car Championship
JTCCJoint Transportation CIM (Corporate Information Management) Center
JTCCJoint Test Coordinating Committee
JTCCJoint Targeting Coordination Cell
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That first bone marrow transplant performed at JTCC in 1990 by Dr.
That first step JTCC took in 1990 opened up new worlds of exploration, hope and possibilities in cancer care for doctors and patients," said Dr.
JTCC is headquartered in a state-of-the-art 27-court indoor/outdoor facility just outside Washington, DC.
director, drug discovery and Phase 1 Unit at JTCC, and provides updated results of a cohort of patients with classical Hodgkin lymphoma (cHL) from the KEYNOTE-013 study, a phase 1B multicenter multicohort trial of pembrolizumab in patients with blood cancers.
The physicians who joined JTCC all came from the best cancer training programs in the world and are dedicated to advancing research and innovation to offer novel options for cancer patients," said Andrew L.
Progressive cancers are the leading cause of death after alloHSCT, and current standard practices have proven largely ineffective at stopping the cancer and indeed often cause graft-versus-host disease," said Andre Goy, MD, MS, chairman, JTCC and Chief, Division of Lymphoma, Hackensack University Medical Center.
CAR-T cell therapy is an area we at JTCC have been investigating for nearly a decade, and we view this study as a major step forward," said Andrew L.
As New Jersey's largest and most comprehensive cancer center, JTCC is dedicated to the care, of patients with all types of cancer, from diagnosis to survivorship.
By combining these two strategies in attacking cancer, we believe it's possible to optimize the true promise of immunotherapy and extend treatment options to specific patient populations," says Andre Goy, MD, MS, chairman of JTCC.
Pecora, MD, president of RCCA, will lead the program, which builds on an oncology affiliation that Georgetown Lombardi, a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated-comprehensive cancer center, and JTCC established in 2013.
Selected as the first United States Tennis Association Regional Training Center, JTCC provides a pathway for players from their introduction to the game to top-tier collegiate and professional competition.
The upgrade to a Grade 1 event makes the JTCC one of only three ITF Grade 1 tournaments within the United States, the other two being the Easter Bowl in Palm Springs, Calif.