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To complete its comprehensive solution, Rivers Casino is implementing Wireless Communication Systems from JTECH, a MICROS subsidiary, to notify guests when their table is ready in the restaurants and to alert guests when their order is up in the cafe.
Opening 2-3 new corporate locations per month, Logan's is in a growth mode, making the selection of JTECH a strategic decision that provides stability and standardization for the growing restaurant chain.
We're pleased to provide Logan's with GuestPass, our newest and best guest paging product," commented JTECH founder Dave Miller.
JTECH is the leading supplier of retail and restaurant pagers, server pagers, customer pagers, and wireless paging systems.
We are delighted to be selected by JTECH as a reseller of their paging solutions," said Gerstman Communications Sales Manager Anthony Cataldo.
JTECH Communications is a driving force in the development and implementation of on-premises wireless applications for the hospitality and retail markets.
JTECH has many synergies with MICROS including a strong parallel in its served markets.
The addition of JTECH paging creates a classic 'win-win' for everyone involved in the transaction," said JTECH President David Stokoe.
LRS has made other allegations in the lawsuit and in the press which JTECH believes are equally without merit.
District Court for the Northern District of Texas against JTECH Communications of Boca Raton, FL for allegedly violating LRS' design and utility patents involving on-site customer paging.
With more than 831,000 restaurants in the United States competing for a customer's business, it is important for restaurateurs to continue to exceed customer expectations," said David Miller, co-founder of JTECH.
The panelists for the session include; Dave Miller, co-chairman and founder of JTECH Communications, Inc.