JTELJohn Trigg Ester Library (Ester, Alaska)
JTeLJoint Tactical Radio Systems Test and Evaluation Laboratory
JTeLJoint Tactical Radio System Technology Laboratory
JTELJoint Test and Evaluation Lab (US DoD)
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We had a very successful experience with JTEL, the entire SCA and API implementation verification took only 4 days," said Program Manager Claus Krohn Vesterholt.
The JTRS Technology Laboratory is the testing and certification arm of the JTRS JPO, which provides JTeL tasking and direction.
Maintain a repository of all certified JTRS Waveforms, waveform documentation, JTeL tools and products, and appropriate security algorithms;
The previously announced validation of our software defined radio (SDR) architecture by JTeL was a milestone for us and we are delighted to continue the momentum with this announcement," said Sean Howe, Vice President and General Manager of Spectrum's Wireless Systems Group.
Dong Hoon Shin, President and CEO of Korea-based JTEL Co.
Additional vendor participants are Casio Manufacturing, Itronix, United Technology, Lind Electronics, JTEL Co.
Collaboration With ETRI, Motorola Semiconductor and JTEL to Set New Standard
a minority owner of JTEL and VJCL) are in the process of executing a transition plan.