JTEMJoint Test and Evaluation Methodology
JTEMJapanese through Electronic Media (college course; various universities)
JTEMJumeaux Triples Enfants Multiples (French: Twin, Triple, Multiple Children; parent's association)
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FCS and JTEM formed a natural partnership for the August 2008 test event.
FCS saw the partnership with JTEM as a way to establish a rigorous test context in which to examine FCS test technology requirements needed for testing in a joint environment in support of Milestone C test activities, as well as enable risk reduction for critical FCS technology areas.
Evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the JTEM CTM
However, for JBD2 the notional JAGS test date was not the JTEM focus.
Reusability of previous JTEM test products and processes--Joint Fires mission threads, the JMETC virtual private network, DoD Architecture Framework products, and CTM products--exceeded expectations.
The significant lessons learned from the test event were of great value to the JTEM test team as the team enhances its methods and processes and incorporates improvements into CTM version 3.
Along with these insights, more detailed and specific improvements to the CTM have been captured by the JTEM team as a result of CTM usage in JBD2.
During their 2007 test event, JTEM demonstrated application of the CTM to a notional set of network-enabled air- and ground-launched weapon systems while employed in a joint mission environment supporting a joint fire support task.
The Defense Acquisition University and JTEM have partnered to develop a Testing in a Joint Environment continuous learning module, now available on the DAU Web site <http://clc.