JTF-BJoint Task Force Bravo
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It's really a symbiotic relationship, where we provide a challenging at-sea landing platform that truly tests the pilot's skills, and the JTF-B crews help us to maintain our qualifications, while bringing us material support and mail.
When it was all said and done, we had seven helicopters, and the 1-228th had upwards of 50 people--and JTF-B brought in 20 to 25.
The battalion provides, among other things, communications and refueling support to JTF-B.
As part of its USSOUTHCOM mission, members of JTF-B also participate in counter-narcotics operations--helping to stem the movement of illegal drugs throughout the region.
Fernando Garcia, an air traffic controller for JTF-B, participated in several chapel hikes during his Soto Cano tour.
Joseph Iwaskey, a JTF-B chaplain assistant agreed that the uphill hike was tough--but said it's for a good cause.
After training concluded, the JTF-B public affairs office took group photos which were later framed and presented to each delegation during the airborne banquet.
Colonel Hughes, JTF-B Commander, kept his iguana for display the the JTF-B headquarters sanctuary, where several iguanas from previous years are currently on display.
That same information was passed to JTF-B for helicopter support to carry assessment teams, food supplies, and relief items.
JTF-B, AID, and OFDA formed a cell to receive calls for assistance and to coordinate with CONE members: ministries of health, transport, public works, and government, emergency centers, mayors, community leaders, and the military.
The JTF-B MEDEL hosts rotations of military doctors, dentists, and other military medical personnel from the United States--many times from the National Guard or from stateside medical centers--on two-week medical readiness training exercises, or MEDRETEs.
More than just routine medical and dental care, JTF-B also has a surgical team that provides vital treatments to impoverished civilians in Honduras.