JTF-CSJoint Task Force for Civil Support (USJFCOM)
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Jamie Goodpaster, an Air Force Reservist who serves as public affairs officer for JTF-CS, based at Fort Monroe, Va.
Vibrant Response tested how well JTF-CS and other emergency response agencies can respond to a nuclear attack in a major American city--in this case, a 10-kiloton explosion in downtown Indianapolis.
The JTF-CS is a standing joint task force composed of active, Reserve and Guard members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard, as well as civilian personnel, and is commanded by federalized Army National Guard Maj.
In the event of a CBRNE incident, the mission of the JTF-CS is consequence management.
To answer this question, this article begins by describing the JTF-CS mission, as well as the larger DOD DSCA mission.
JTF-CS is an important element of the current DoD "Lead, Support, Enable" Strategy for Homeland Defense and Civil Support.
The stated purpose of the JTF-CS is "consequence management," meaning emergency post-disaster aid.
By establishing both the JTF-CS and ATSD-CS, the department has taken an important step toward recognizing that traditional methods and practices are inadequate in the face of a CBW terrorist attack against the United States.
The implementation plan reiterates that successful disengagement and the transition to civil authority are key to the JTF-CS mission and requires detailed planning and execution.
Prior to JTF-CS, where he assumed command in November 2004, Gen.
JTF-CS is trained to respond to a weapons of mass destruction attack inside the United States.