JTF2Joint Task Force 2 (Canadian counter terrorism unit)
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Three other JTF2 members intervened and eventually managed to restrain the warrant officer.
Since the regular forces first deployed to Afghanistan in January 2002 (a small group of JTF2 special forces soldiers were deployed in October 2001), Canada has seen a total of 158 soldiers killed and more than 2,000 wounded and injured during the campaign.
The first Canadian Battle Group deployed to Kandahar in February 2002 for a six-month mission as part of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM (a group of some 40 JTF2 commandos had secretly been deployed at the end of 2001 and took part in covert US-led missions).
In a fevered atmosphere of post-9/11 spin and speculation in the mainstream media, Esprit de Corps endeavoured to arm readers with information in a special issue, "Canada and the War Against Terror: Situation Report," which included a history of political violence and of military intervention in Afghanistan, as well as backgrounders on Osama bin Laden and the Taliban and our own JTF2 commandos.
Illustrated with never before seen photos of JTF2 commandos in action, Canada's Secret Commandos catalogued, for the first time, their training, weapons and combat techniques.
Quand les cons sont braves (When Idiots Are Brave) by former Van Doo Martin Petit and Nous etions invincibles (We Were Invincible) by Denis Morisset, a convicted sex offender who served with the JTF2.
Includes infrastructure updates and preparations to extend the base to house the JTF2.
The new JTF2 vehicles will provide both a reconnaissance and quick reaction role and arc required to be transportable by helicopters.
The collapse of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan produced a flood of captives, and some of the flow was hustled into captivity by Canada's JTF2 commandos working in cooperation with the U.
So we're not going to run the risk with JTF2 of trying to grow it quickly or expand it enormously and [dilute] the kind of talent and characteristics we've got there.
The primary role of the JTF2 is to provide counter-terrorism assistance.