JTFAJoint Time Frequency Analysis
JTFAJoint Time-Frequency Analysis
JTFAJoint Task Force Atlantic (Canada)
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For the JTFA of the JEM signals, a modified HHT with a supplementary process of the original HHT was developed to improve JTFA results from measured JEM signals.
This paper describes the extended JTFA work of the measured JEM micro Doppler signatures from experimentally designed jet engine models using the modified HHT.
It presents a fundamentally new approach to the JTFA in contrast to the existing time-frequency transforms that generally use integral convolution calculation based on the Fourier transform.
To create a comparison of the WT with the two selected JTFA spectrograms, the noise-free signals were used for three key cases (9004, 9002 and 9030) in Table 1.
Comparison of Arrival Time Results with the JTFAs and the WT