JTFCJoint Task Force Central
JTFCJoint Task Force Commander
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The abduction happened just as another BIFF group killed a Teduray farmer identified as Diego Met Dagadas, in a nearby village, the JTFC statement said.
Two of the BIFF captives - Alex and Hector Mintos - were executed, the JTFC said, citing information from village leaders who recovered the two victims' cadavers Thursday.
JTFC then had their second match which was a high standard game but Redfern FC pulled away to win 8-4.
The mutual decision to develop a partnership between ICC and JTFC is a result of the synergy between the two companies and their common interest to best serve their clients by continuing to develop new and innovative payment solutions.
Khalil Alami, CEO of ICC, said, "We at ICC are extremely pleased with this co-branded program with JTFC who is considered a leader in personal financing.
These would include a JFACC, who is responsible to the JTFC for developing and executing the JAOP to best support the JTFC's overall campaign plan.