JTFEXJoint Task Force Exercise
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April 18 was the last fly-day of JTFEX for our det and consisted of vertreps between NAS North Island (NASNI) and Bridge, and several pax runs from Reagan.
During JTFEX 08-4, 2nd Fleet's C2 capability provided the primary means for the commander to fight the war, and resulted in the completion of four objectives, that included the commander's JTF Capable HQ certification sustainment event, certification of the deploying strike group and 2nd Fleet's Maritime HQ accreditation.
Costello: The primary objective in any JTFEX is to provide carrier strike groups (CSGs) or expeditionary strike groups (ESGs) with the necessary training until they attain my 'Certified for Deployment' endorsement.
We were flying in the VACAPES during the last days of JTFEX.
JTFEX would be our last wicket before we finally could get on with our job.
As is often the case for nuggets, I got a crash course in shipboard and Gulf ops during week-one ops and a hectic COMPTUEX and JTFEX.
Before we could "head east," we had to complete phase II of JTFEX.
We briefed at 0300 the following day, which was the first day of the JTFEX war.
During our brief JTFEX period and the first few days of deployment, our deck had been running a little slower than normal.
Nothing out of the ordinary after more than three weeks of JTFEX and as we neared the end of work-ups.
I was aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN71) for JTFEX, the final workup cycle before deployment, it was a standard 4 V X self-escort strike into Townsend.
In the course of a fiscal year, under present operating tempos, there are three Atlantic-based JTFExs requiring SOOT participation.