JTFNJoint Task Force North (Canada)
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Op NANOOK is a military event but JTFN had invited local authorities to lead the scenario in this instance and facilitated the capabilities to simulate scenarios such as a mass casualty event, search and rescue, fire, and evacuation.
JTFN mobility support missions enhance Border Patrol agent response times to conduct interdiction operations; in many cases, agent response times can be reduced by 75 percent.
Since fiscal year 2011, JTFN mobility support missions have constructed 62 miles of all-weather road while executing 49 engineer missions and deploying 1,658 military personnel from 49 units (34 from the Army, 12 from the Marines, and three from the Navy) at 20 military installations in 14 states for a total of 95 months.
JTFN mobility missions present military engineer units with unique training opportunities to exercise multiple skill level tasks in military construction.
Volunteer units and individuals have repeatedly remarked that JTFN missions have provided them with the best training they have ever received, emulating terrain similar to that seen during combat operations, as indicated in multiple after action reports.
At the same time, I have to believe that executing with troop construction lowers the net cost of the project for JTFN, so this truly is the elusive 'win-win' we all search for," he added.
For more information on JTFN, its engineering projects, or its trainings opportunities, contact the command at (915) 313-7777 or visit <www.
At this same ceremony, Chief Warrant Officer Gilles Laroche assumed the duties of JTFN CWO from CWO Mark Saulnier, who is posted to Heidelberg, Germany as the command sergeant major for the Allied Force Command Heidelberg.