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JTGJoint Task Group
JTGJust Too Good
JTGJetset Travelworld Group (franchise network; Australia)
JTGJoint Technical Group
JTGJack the Grabber (freeware)
JTGJam To Gun
JTGJoint Test Group
JTGJust Too Gangsta (professional wrestler)
JTGJukebox the Ghost (band)
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In a separate transaction, L Capital Asia has taken a significant minority stake in JTG Holdings, capitalising on the company for development of the Jones the Grocer brand internationally.
14] Code of China, "Test methods of aggregate for highway engineering," JTG E42-2005, Department of Transportation of People's Republic of China, Beijing, China, 2005.
Amman, March 31 (Petra) -- Jordan Telecom Group (JTG) - Orange is currently studying the establishment of a Smart Village project to promote Jordan's leadership in the telecommunications and Information technology sector, JTG Chairman of board of director Shabib Ammari announced.
Top brand management consultant Tomaso Galli JTG Consulting and ex-corporate communications director at Prada and Gucci interacted with the students and spoke on the turnaround strategy of a prominent brand.
Finally, the field strength is computed by using the Extended Okumura-Hata model (International Telecommunication Union-Radiocommunication sector, Joint Task Group 5-6 [ITU-R JTG 5-6], 2010) for the mobile radio signal assuming urban environment, while for the DVB-T interferer we used the ITU R P.
Watson CJ, Akhonzada NA, Hamilton JTG, Matthews DI (2008) Rate and mode of application of the urease inhibitor N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide on ammonia volatilization from surface-applied urea.
JTG has over 700,000 landlines and its Orange mobile subsidiary has a market share over 32 percent with more than 2.
Junior girls team: Enya Ferreira and Aaliyah Malla JTG 0:16:58.
The utility and innovation of this unique sector of the defense industry must be better understood and incorporated in the short-term strategy," says Muriel Jerome O'Keeffe, president of JTG inc.
Keppler F, Hamilton JTG, Brass M, Rockmann T (2006) Methane emissions from terrestrial plants under aerobic conditions.
The angles, EJK, JKF, DTL, TLC, BGH, GHC, AED, EDB, AJT, JTG, AK1, KLH and AFC are all straifgt angles and so their measures are all equal to 180 degrees.
Ahrens C, Altman N, Casella G, Eaton M, Hwang JTG, Staudenmayer J, et al.