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JTICJoint Tenants in Common
JTICJTIDS Technical Interface Concepts
JTICJoin the Impact Chicago (equal rights group; Illinois)
JTICJoint Tactical Intelligence Center
JTICJurong Technologies Industrial Corp. (Singapore)
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While the increases in Egypt and Tunisia were both somewhat attributable to the emergence of Islamist militant groups, violent protests following the deposing of President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt accounted for the majority of sub-state violence recorded by JTIC," Henman said.
We've had tremendous success with JTIC testing for IPv6, which has helped us prepare for USGv6 testing.
In addition to FDCC-compliant offerings, Attachmate also provides solutions that comply with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2, JTIC PKE certification, Section 508 and other federal certifications.