JTKJeff the Killer
JTKJam to Kill (laser jamming)
JTKJames T. Kirk (Star Trek character)
JTKJulius Tallberg-Kiinteistöt (Finland)
JTKJust Type Kill (gaming)
JTKJava Tool Kit
JTKJunior Tennis Kinetics
JTKJohtotietokeskus (Finnish)
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In October 2014 suspected JTK members pledged support to al-Baghdadi in a video message, urging Bangladeshi Muslims to participate in armed jihad and to contribute financially toward the cause.
A case in point appears to be Abdullah al Galib, a self-professed, one-time member of ABT who was arrested in May 2015 as he allegedly plotted attacks in Bangladesh on behalf of JTK and the Islamic State.
However interventionist JTK may have been, none started the period with a near-Stalinist form of central planning and none ended the period with a mixed economy in which many aspects of a command system were still present.
And the investment effort of JTK was largely private (even if in Taiwan and Korea public investment was also important) [Rodrik, 1995].
To some extent this outcome may have been helped by exchange rate policy, more so probably than in JTK.
Interestingly, China may have also benefited from a further element of domestic competition not present in the much more centralized JTK, namely interregional competition.
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