JTOJoin Together Online (substance abuse)
JTOJournalists Training Organisation (New Zealand)
JTOJunior Telecom Officer
JTOJOPES Training Organization
JTOJoint Transportation Office
JTOJoint Technical Operations
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We look forward to working in partnership with the IASLC and the JTO to enhance the journal s reputation and influence, as well as expand its already impressive global communities of contributors and readers.
AS A daft wee tribute jto Betty Ford, can I just remind you I was once addicted to those fancy chocolates they serve with the coffee in posh restaurants?
Jto The letter, drafted by backbencher John Baron, said: "It would address the lack of public trust when people hear politicians making promises about Europe.
WELL RED J Cardinal actor ASHES JTO ASHES Bride on fag break
But as Buchanan prepared to head back Jto Washington for a major strategy meeting Thursday, aides described the conservative commentator as pleased with Dole's recent focus on combating immigration and ending certain affirmative action programs.
This year's theme is ``go the extra mile'' and organisers are hoping thousands will will raise money through sponsorship jto help raise cash for the disadvantaged in the UK and abroad.
Membership in the JTO Program will be an excellent opportunity for Capgemini to hear first hand from some of the world's leading members companies about how JT and the JT Open Program are helping manufacturers worldwide significantly improve their ability to collaborate throughout their product lifecycle process.
os es y JTo make a judgment so blinkered and uncaring they must truly believe J Little that, like Matt Lucas's Andy Pipkin, who fakes disability and leaps out of his wheelchair when no one's looking, people with disabilities are all having us on.
JTo prove the point, feast your eyes upon the latest Aston Martin Vanquish.
Ensuring that the JTO was fully manned, operational, and functioning.
jTO celebrate 100 years of Rover, the Midlands motor-maker has fielded an extremely pretty 75 Coupe Concept.
Another strategy is to subscribe to the excellent and free daily electronic news alert JTO Direct, which can be accessed through www.