JTPAJob Training Partnership Act
JTPAJob Training & Partnership Act
JTPAJapanese Technology Professionals Association
JTPAJoint Patient Tracking Application (US Army)
JTPAJob Training and Placement Act
JTPAJob Training Partnership Association
JTPAJoint Therapeutic Products Agency (Australia and New Zealand)
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Table 1 Relationships among State Coordination Factors, Perceived Performance, and SDA-Level JTPA Outcomes
1994 JTPA Follow-up Data: Reasons For Failure To Find Work (In Percent)
Women's Opportunity Resource Development, a local organization, and the Montana Private Industry Council, which administers the state's JTPA programs, obtained Federal funds for the project.
The regulations, which went into effect on February 16, 1993, are required reading for anyone who works for an entity that receives JTPA funds, or who counsels such an entity.
Federal JTPA and JOBS (Job Opportunities and Basic Skills) program funds are used for this purpose.
In addition, the progress of all of the JTPA clients has been tracked using the Test of Adult Basic Education as both the pre-test and post-test instrument.
Serving tiny enclaves of disadvantaged youth, adults, displaced workers, Eskimos, and Indians across the country, JTPA makes for an unlikely vanguard.
In 1998, JTPA was reauthorized as the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).
The benefits and costs of JTPA title 11-A programs: key findings from the national job training partnership act study.
An HLM analysis of the influence of program and client characteristics on the wages of inner-city youth who have completed JTPA job training.
The transition from the old JTPA regime to the new WIA performance-based system using efficacy indicators and the vendor competition/ bidding system has put out of business many Puerto Rican organizations that previously supplied adult training at the neighborhood level, except in some exceptional cases, such as ASPIRA, which continues to manage youth and career programs.
JTPA sought to increase the role of private industry in vocational education.