JTPAJob Training Partnership Act
JTPAJob Training & Partnership Act
JTPAJapanese Technology Professionals Association
JTPAJoint Patient Tracking Application (US Army)
JTPAJob Training and Placement Act
JTPAJob Training Partnership Association
JTPAJoint Therapeutic Products Agency (Australia and New Zealand)
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The specialist's ability to maximize political support for the program by manipulating JTPA awards is constrained by the economic conditions that guide eligibility.
As we see in figure 3, funding for adult training (this includes out of school youth in the JTPA years) has declined steadily since 1985.
The WIA replaced the myriad of existing job training and development programs administered under the JTPA (30) with three block grants to the states funding adult employment and training, disadvantaged youth, and adult education and family literacy.
ACS has developed a much more complicated evaluation system than that used in Donahue's JTPA example.
The reality is that only a small number of adults are receiving training under WIA, and the number has plummeted since states shifted from JTPA to WIA," he said.
Umeda, president of business consulting firm Muse Associates in Palo Alto, said he founded the JTPA in light of a steep increase in the local presence of engineers from other Asian countries such as India and China.
But the overall results from the JTPA and the GAIN studies indicate that, in most cases, training programs increase costs to government but have little effect on clients.
For instance, the city received $6 million in HOME funds for investment in affordable housing; $4 million in JTPA job training funds; $9 million for community health centers; and $16 million for Head Start.
44) In addition, not all States had completed their transition by summer, which delayed the funding and implementation of the new program even as the JTPA program funding had expired.
Many of the socio-demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the study population were similar to those identified by the Department of Labor (DOL) Task Force as being Hard-to-Serve under JTPA (Bar now and Constantine, 1988).
replaced most of its existing private industry councils and service areas under JTPA with more encompassing workforce boards serving designated workforce areas.
For job seekers, it provides networking, job search assistance, job placement services, on-the-job training, and skills training; JTPA training programs range from barbering to truck driving to computer-aided drafting and desktop publishing.