JTQJames Taylor Quartet
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Since then JTQ have returned to their original style of instrumental Hammond-led jazz funk workouts on albums that have showcased their instrumental talents.
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On Friday, there are big affairs again, with Friday Night Is Music Night from the BBC Concert Orchestra with Clare Teal and Ian Shaw at the microphones, followed by some serious dancing in the Town Hall to the JTQ Funk Orchestra (that's the other James Taylor, the British one who plays Hammond organ, and his expanded Quartet).
Originally in mod/garage band The Prisoners, Taylor formed the jazzy JTQ in 1985.
This will be the band's eleventh album in ten years and yet again the band are diversifying while still retaining that boombastic JTQ sound which brought us the likes of Blow Up and the Theme From Starsky and Hutch.
Send me ticket stubs from three out of the four Limelight nights (left) and you'll go into the draw for TWO identical prizes of FOUR free passes to any Limelight club night in October or November PLUS a signed photograph of LTJ Bukem and JTQ.
The JTQ have released numerous albums, including Supernatural Feeling and the live offering Absolute.
The JTQ rose to prominence in 1986 with the album Mission Impossible, quickly following up with Wait a Minute, Get Organised and Do Your Own Thing for the Polydor label.
If you're in the mood to party, then the JTQ have the soundtrack for a night of great fun.
This venue is so much more suited to the JTQ when compared to Ronnie Scott's, scene of the band's last few visits.
It features the stripped- down-to-the-bone sound that pays respect to the earliest JTQ hits like The Money Spider.
Some passages strayed too close to slinky mainstream soul for this reviewer, but then the JTQ would abruptly swivel into something more meaty.