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JTRJoint Travel Regulation
JTRJack the Ripper
JTRJobs Through Recycling
JTRJoint Tactical Radio
JTRJohn the Revelator (song)
JTRSantorini/Thira Is, Greece - Santorini (Airport Code)
JTRJoint Transport Rotorcraft
JTRJoint Training Readiness
JTRJoint Tactical Radar
JTRJudge Trial Referee
JTRJustin Time Records (Canada)
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Significant actions for AMF this past year include the conduct of Platform Integration Working Groups, Airborne testing of the Soldier Radio Waveform, the AMF Critical Design Review, beginning the development of the Capabilities Production Document, ongoing test and evaluation development with the prime contractor Lockheed Martin, and the establishment of a JTRS Airborne-Maritime users sub-working group.
As JTR cracks passwords, it displays them on the screen.
But the opportunity to test for JTR and hopefully get selected for a few races in the 2009 season is too good to miss and we are so thankful for it.
JTRS delivers interoperability to the tactical edge
In (2) from chat JTR, Vanda's change from initial lively participation to temporary passivity in the midst of the ongoing conversation is noticed by Coke.
Wilcke JTR, Poulsen S, Askgaard DS, Enevoldsen HK, Ronne T, Kok-Jensen A.
It now appears that the Army wants to "reorient efforts to JTR, or joint tactical rotorcraft," said John M.
Supported by NIGMS Grant # S06GM08092 to JTR and MARC to TRO)
The BNC file identifiers for the texts selected are JTF / JTG / JTH / JTJ / JTK / JTL / JTM / JTR / JTS / JTT / JTU / JTV / JTW / JTX / JTY / J80 / J81 / J82 / J83 / J84 / J85 / J86 / J87 / J88 / J89.
He has developed websites for fellow autograss racers at Oldham-based JTR Racing in his spare time.
A force with such a limitation would be open to catastrophe if the JTR was grounded due to a new enemy air-defense system or some unforeseen weather condition.