JTRSJoint Tactical Radio System
JtRSJust The Right Shoe
JTRSJoint Tenancy with Right of Survivorship
JTRSJohnson Technical Reports Server
JTRSJust the Right Size
JTRSJefferson Township Rescue Squad
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All fifty of the initial JTRS GMR Pre-EDM systems ordered by FCS have now been delivered on or ahead of schedule.
The goal of the JTRS program is to provide the military with software- programmable radios for voice, data and video communications that address current interoperability between allied forces, as well as bandwidth challenges.
The MIDS JTRS is a networked communications system providing a single chassis, multiple-channel radio that significantly reduces the number of different and unique radios needed on the battlefield.
To realize this vision, the JTRS program incubated the technologies, concepts and processes that would implement and sustain this business model because industry would not venture into this ambitious new world on its own.
The JTRS HMS program has provided the DoD with an operationally tested two-channel manpack that can readily incorporate new waveforms.
We conducted this interoperability demonstration to underscore the critical role that AMF JTRS will play in allowing Joint Forces to communicate," said Mark Norris, Vice President for Joint Tactical Network Solutions with Lockheed Martin's IS&GS-Defense.
With JTRS products, every warfighter is connected to every other warfighter.
JTRS program officials said that current radios cannot deliver the high bandwidth that deployed forces need and cannot run the required software applications.
In 2002, when JTRS first began system development, DOD planned to invest close to $3 billion in JTRS over fiscal years 2003-2007.
AMF JTRS extends net-centric warfare beyond the command center so this system is crucial to support information sharing and combat readiness, a must for today's warfighters.
Wynne, who sits on the board of directors for the JTRS program, received updates on the accomplishments, goals, and challenges facing JTRS.
Another significant feature is the ability of JTRS radios to "port" and operate various waveforms.