JTTJoint Tactical Terminal (US Army)
JTTJohnathan Taylor Thomas (actor)
JTTJoint Targeting Toolbox
JTTJust the Tip
JTTJohn T. Tuck (public school in Canada)
JTTJapan Telegraph and Telephone
JTTJournal of Telemedicine and Telecare (Royal Society of Medicine Press)
JTTJournal of Technology Transfer (Springer)
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The relationships between dominant and non-dominant UL performances and JTT, MFM D3 and MRC scores were tested by Pearson correlation tests.
Based at a new facility near Bordeaux, France, JTT Composites supplies the regional aerospace market and sells composite parts designed with the innovative RT2iTM weaving technology.
Many employees based from the GPR Kansas City, Missouri office and the Nuco Fontana, California office will be integrated into one of the existing nine JTT offices, the company said
En terminos generales y para todo el estudio, la riqueza media de familias de macroinvertebrados fue mayor en la parcela VAC que en la JTT y que en la MVI (F = 14,92; gl = 2,54; P = 0,0001) y vario entre meses (F = 10,14; gl = 3,54; P = 0,0001), no asi entre los puntos de entrada y salida (Figura 2d).
The evolutionary history was inferred by using the Maximum Likelihood method based on the JTT matrix-based model [26].
In the extreme, JTT implementation leads to zero inventories, which eliminates the LIFO reserve and any difference between LIFO and other inventory methods because all purchasing and manufacturing costs become COGS in the period.
So, if you have an unserviceable JTT, submit it for repair or replacement under the manufacturer's warranty,
JTT Equipment Services Ltd, Unit 6, Belton Lane Industrial Estate, Grantham, Lincs NG31 9HN.
Having left four years ago to broaden his sales experience he is now back to drive the sales operation at JTT.