JTTFJoint Terrorism Task Force
JTTFJoint Training Task Force (Australia)
JTTFJunior Tiger Task Force (India)
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The Defense Department's JTTF member who investigated Hasan saw nothing amiss because he was trained to ferret out waste, fraud, and abuse, not to look for signs of radicalization or counterintelligence risk.
its JTTF officers to disregard state and local law and to surveil San
184) Countries such as the United States, have attempted to take action via domestic agencies such as the FDA, FBI, and the JTTF.
JTTF members share leads and information from counterterrorism cases with federal, state, and local partners to coordinate counterterrorism investigations and broaden U.
The only people who could see them were FBI personnel and law enforcement officials assigned to the JTTF.
Whatever the JTTF was up to, in other words, would remain secret, along with the sealed warrant that the Pennsylvania state troopers had used.
the November 2008 charge of lying about Maldonado during JTTF interrogations;
Shortly after Kahane's murder, the JTTF planted an ex-Egyptian army officer, Emad Salem, within Abdel Rahman's group.
Torrance officers went to the JTTF, and, ultimately, this potential terror cell was disrupted.
If there's that much of a concern, we get the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) or the police involved.
The ACLU is charging the FBI and its JTTF with wrongfully withholding thousands of pages of documents.