JTTFJoint Terrorism Task Force
JTTFJoint Training Task Force (Australia)
JTTFJunior Tiger Task Force (India)
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The Defense Department's JTTF member who investigated Hasan saw nothing amiss because he was trained to ferret out waste, fraud, and abuse, not to look for signs of radicalization or counterintelligence risk.
Each state and local participant in a JTTF brings unique abilities and information-sharing capacities extremely important in the terrorism-prevention mission.
The only people who could see them were FBI personnel and law enforcement officials assigned to the JTTF.
the November 2008 charge of lying about Maldonado during JTTF interrogations;
Though Salem identified many of the jihadists in the group, for reasons of expense the JTTF never put them under close surveillance when Salem withdrew.
We want to know more about the workings of JTTFs and why resources allotted to fight terrorism are being diverted to watch and intimidate people and groups who have nothing to do with terrorism," Jones said.
As the Bush junta accelerates the creation of a police state through the implementation of the Patriot Act, Eugene, with its membership in the JTTF, is in the vanguard of the assault on freedom.
Increased Processing Speed: Automatic extraction means a SAR is available within minutes of approval to enter into eGuardian, allowing better management of suspicious data at hand and capitalization on the FBI's JTTF relationships.
Many state and local departments, including the BPD, have representatives who are full-time members of the [Joint Terrorism Task Force], and specifically had representatives assigned to the JTTF squad that conducted the 2011 assessment of deceased terrorism suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
The original JTTF was based in New York City, but over time more than 100 such task forces expanded across the country.
A 20-year-old JTTF informant makes contact with Michael at a fraternity party, and the two men engage in a conversation about the need to teach America another lesson.