JTTSJoint Theater Trauma System (Air Force Theater Hospital, Joint Base Balad, Iraq)
JTTSJobber to the Stars (Professional wrestling term)
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The more comprehensive TCCC AAR was also completed by the first responder and submitted or transmitted to the JTTS within 72 hours of injury.
During 2013, JTTS personnel traveled throughout Afghanistan training medical leaders and first responders on the new prehospital documentation system, starting first at main forward operating bases (FOBs) with Role 3 and Role 2 medical treatment facilities, and then to smaller FOBs and combat outposts with only Role 1 personnel.
The JTTS prehospital team evaluated compliance with documentation and use of the TCCC Card and TCCC AAR.
Beginning in August of 2013, all qualified TCCC AARs received by the JTTS prehospital team were entered into the PHTR.
TMDS represents all data captured in theater, whereas JTTR is specifically designed to serve the interest of the JTTS.
Again, the patient was discussed on the JTTS weekly conference call, and the primary surgical team spoke to the family to complete the loop of communication.
Among those improvements are further definition of the qualifications of en route care nurses, dedication of nursing personnel to this specific mission, and integration of the medical brigade, JTTS, and the Joint Combat Casualty Research Team (JC2RT) efforts in tracking data for the purpose of performance improvement.
The first JTTS team, consisting of a trauma medical director (trauma surgeon) and 6 trauma nurse coordinators, deployed in 2004.
Based upon the positive accomplishments of the deployed JTTS trauma coordinators in theater, the Army Nurse Corps resolved to assign a colonel to the JTTS leadership in the Joint Trauma System structure in San Antonio to ensure the capture of lessons learned.