JTWJournal of Turkish Weekly (est. 2004; International Strategic Research Organization)
JTWJapan Times Weekly (publication)
JTWJourney to Wellness
JTWJoint Targeting Workstation
JTWJoy to the World
JTWJourney to the West (movie; literature)
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JTW was first described by Han Yi (in the Chinese Ming Dynasty) in his treatise "Han Si Yi Tong".
Rhizoma Coptidis (Huang-Lian in Chinese), a key ingredient herb in JTW (Minister), has been widely used in TCM for the treatment of intestinal infection, fever, hypertension, tumor, etc.
The aim of this study is to explore whether the Cinnamomum cassia in JTW can affect the pharmacokinetic behavior of berberine in Rhizorna Coptidis (herb-herb interaction).
All composed decoction pieces in JTW were purchased from Hubei Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Company (Wuhan, China).
Therefore, this study compared the effects of Rhizoma Coptidis and JTW composed of different proportions of Rhizoma Coptidis and Cinnamomum cassia on serum glucose level and lipid profile in diabetic mice.
The results of this study showed that all of Rhizoma Coptidis, Cinnamomum cassia and JTW could decrease fasting blood glucose level, and improve insulin level.
This suggested that Rhizoma Coptidis and JTW had exerted the antioxidant effect by activation of SOD, GSH-px and CAT activity, at least in part, Rhizoma Coptidis and JTW decrease lipid peroxidation products and MDA in plasm.
Thin ice is not easily identified on frozen lakes and rivers often used by recreational snowmobile and ATV riders," said John Weinel, president and CEO of JTW Associates.
The Nebulus Device was invented in 1999 by JTW Associates, in order to find a solution to the many drowning deaths experienced each year when winter sports enthusiasts crash through thin ice.
Our relationship with JTW promises to net us a considerable amount of business in the Northeastern United States.
I expect relationships like this agreement with JTW to bear much fruit.
The KP Poly Scrap Compactor (photo) from JTW International Inc.