JTWCJoint Typhoon Warning Center (Pearl Harbor, Hawaii)
JTWCJournal of Technical Writing and Communication
JTWCJoint Technical Working Committee
JTWCJoint Technical Warfare Committee
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JTWCJoint Technical Working Council
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The potential for the development of a significant tropical cyclone within the next 24 hours has been upgraded to medium by the JTWC.
TC was the most frequently cited journal, with a total of 894 citations; the others most frequently cited were, not surprisingly, the other four journals in the field: JTWC with 624, IEEE with 563, JBTC with 454, and TCQ with 453.
The JTWC is for its own military purposes while Pagasa has the same standards of the World Meteorological Organization, she said.
NCMS, Omani and Pakistan weather centres and the JTWC have been closely monitoring Nanauk to keep an eye on developments.
The shorter time period would be expected to give higher average value, so the JTWC will almost always have higher estimates of wind speed, but this is not enough to account for all of the discrepancy in this case.
Figure 7 shows the time series of maximum wind speeds of three satellites: the JTWC 10-min maximum sustained winds together with the maximum 10-m winds from the 0.
PAGASA said Ruby will move westward through Eastern Visayas and Southern Luzon, while the JTWC and other weather agencies said it would likely recurve northward and just pass Luzon then move to Japan.
5, JTWC warned that Haiyan would turn into a supertyphoon with peak intensity of 241 kilometers per hour.
JTWC said the typhoon, located approximately 175 nautical miles east-northeast of Manila, has tracked westward at 05 knots.
Currently moving westward over the open waters of the West Pacific, JTWC forecasters said Super typhoon Vongfong had somehow reduced strength on Wednesday morning.
Data from JTWC are used here; best-track dataset for the period 1945-2014 and from the JTWC's preliminary operational data for 2015.
The JTWC has since reduced its estimate of those winds slightly.