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JTWSJournal of Third World Studies
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ATWS appreciates greatly the financial support that Georgia Southwestern State University provides for the publication costs of JTWS.
From this modest beginning JTWS has become a bi-annual multidisciplinary publication averaging, per issue, over 300 pages of articles, book reviews, book review essays, and conference and exhibit review essays, refereed and approved for publication by the JTWS Board of Editors which is comprised of scholars who are nationally and internationally-recognized experts in their respective academic fields.
Individuals interested in submitting articles and book reviews to be considered, or refereed, for publication by the JTWS Board of Editors, should write to the Editor, Dr.
The contents of this issue include both papers presented at the annual meeting as well as other manuscripts and book reviews approved for publication by the JTWS Board of Editors.
The major challenge here was how to transform the linguistic pragmatic or deep-level meanings in the relevant JTWS texts for mathematical modeling.
The linguistic presuppositions for this study are drawn out of the writers' topics in the JTWS texts examined.
As stated earlier, the first essay on the African state in the JTWS is by Mbaku and published in 1987.
And as noted earlier, it is the only JTWS essay that proposes a full-fledged paradigm of the African state.
Before engaging in the fractal analysis of the data generated from the JTWS texts trader study, I begin with a discussion of the descriptive/univariate statistics that were employed to analyze the data first.
As shown in Table 1, a total of 1,621 topic entries were teased out of the JTWS texts.
In sum, the JTWS texts move halfway across the spectrum of disorder and order--they typically move from periodic fractal, rather than stretching all the way to pure disorder.