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On behalf of all ATWS members and JTWS subscribers worldwide, the editor would like to express his gratitude to the associate editors of the Journal.
Originally, the nominees should have served as an officer of ATWS and/or member of Board of Editors of JTWS, although from the first individuals that did not fit this profile such as Oscar Arias Sanchez were recipients.
We must honor his memory by stepping up and recruiting new members, publishing articles in JTWS, organizing new conferences, becoming ATWS elected officers, and placing ATWS before our own individual interests.
To this day I have attended almost every annual meeting, I have contributed to the JTWS and I serve on the annual Cecile B.
As the editor-in-chief of the JTWS he never failed to write personal notes to all members and contributors, even after the loss of Mrs.
Anderson's monograph, Imperialism and Idealism, American Diplomats in China, 1861-189 to the JTWS.
With their encouragement, I presented a paper that became a refereed article in the JTWS.
From this modest beginning JTWS has become a bi-annual multidisciplinary publication averaging, per issue, over 300 pages of articles, book reviews, book review essays, and conference and exhibit review essays, refereed and approved for publication by the JTWS Board of Editors which is comprised of scholars who are nationally and internationally-recognized experts in their respective academic fields.
The contents of this issue include both papers presented at the annual meeting as well as other manuscripts and book reviews approved for publication by the JTWS Board of Editors.
She would like to thank anonymous reviewers and the editorial team of JTWS for their helpful comments and suggestions.
In this section, I present the axioms on the African state in the relevant JTWS texts.
As stated earlier, the first essay on the African state in the JTWS is by Mbaku and published in 1987.