JUAJoint Use Agreement (US and Canada)
JUAJapan Unicycling Association (Tokyo, Japan)
JUAJournal of Underwater Acoustics
JUAJournalists Union of Assam (India)
JUAJoint Underwriting Association (insurance)
JUAJournal of Urban Affairs (Urban Affairs Association; various locations)
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As described in the NICE, JUA 2011 and UAA guidelines, (14) uroflowmetry and measuring post-void residual (PVR) urine was generally an option for specialist assessment in selected patients, particularly where the facility was available.
These subsidies were developed and designed to offset the JUA deficit, and have been included in all (voluntary and JUA) personal auto policies.
The JUA became a political flashpoint in 2009, when Gov.
The IRS determined the bonuses for 1996-99 should have been included in Southern Family's income in the same year the JUA deposited the money into the escrow accounts.
73) High-risk healthcare providers are afforded the opportunity to obtain insurance when licensed insurers are given the Hobson's choice, discussed above, of either writing assigned risks directly, or covering high risks through a JUA in which admitted carriers share responsibility for income and losses in proportion to the volume of business they write in the voluntary market.
The JUA will be a higher profile issue, Barfield said, since "they are looking at a potential deficit of $36 million by the end of the year.
With a JUA, however, the insurer paying the claims is actually spending the money of all other insurers operating in the state, and not just its own funds.
But as the accident backlog built up, the JUA began to compile a "deficit" because it operated without the reserve fund required of private insurance companies.
Representing the policyholders, attorneys from Nixon Peabody countered that Delaney's position rests on the assumption that the JUA is a "state entity," its directors "state officials" and its surplus state funds--all of which flies in the face of orders of both the Belknap County Superior Court and the New Hampshire Supreme Court as well as the regulations of the JUA and an act of the Legislature.
a business licensed to serve alcohol, purchased an insurance policy with the JUA providing coverage for negligence in the distribution, sale, or serving of alcoholic beverages.
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