JUAJoint Use Agreement (US and Canada)
JUAJapan Unicycling Association (Tokyo, Japan)
JUAJournal of Underwater Acoustics
JUAJournalists Union of Assam (India)
JUAJoint Underwriting Association (insurance)
JUAJournal of Urban Affairs (Urban Affairs Association; various locations)
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The JUA congress, held Sunday here, started with observing a minute silence
The JUA was created after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 left homeowners stranded without coverage.
She said the bill is the result of two years of controversy and litigation stemming from the effort by the state to transfer $110 million from the JUA to the general fund to balance the 2009-2011 state budget.
In January, the New Hampshire Supreme Court confirmed that the regulations and policyholders' contracts conferred "vested" property rights in any JUA surplus funds upon the policyholders.
Past role amendments have not been newsworthy, but due to recent controversy involving the JUA, there may be greater interest in these proposed role changes.
These new rules, if ultimately approved by a joint legislative committee, would permit the commissioner of Insurance to take the more than $110 million of surplus funds from the JUA rather than return them to policyholders as required by 23 years of contracts and the applicable regulations.
Insurance Commissioner Roger Sevigny claims changes in rules for the 35-year-old JUA are to protect the group's tax-exempt status and avoid a $100 million IRS judgment.
As the state's mandated insurer of last resort for medical-malpractice insurance, the JUA offers coverage to health-care providers who have been declined insurance in the private marketplace.
The rules would replace the existing JUA with a "plan" operated "as an integral part of the State of New Hampshire under the direction, authority, and supervision of the (insurance) commissioner.
John Lynch convinced the Legislature to use $110 million in JUA dollars to balance the current two-year state budget, wrote in his motion that the "pretense of a self-created tax issue" is a "scheme" aimed at transferring "control of the JUA excess surplus to the Commissioner of Insurance in an effort to effect a taking of these funds and a nullification of the policyholders' adjudicated vested rights in direct defiance of this Court's holding.
Fisher said the JUA has received approval for a plan that subjects health care providers on Sept.