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JUDJuris Utriusque Doctor (Doctor Both of Canon and Civil Law)
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Total quantity or scope: Execution work Modernization of power transformers of 110 / 20KV: 16MVA, 104746/1980 series of Dragotesti station, jud.
The JuD chief added, Apart from these factors, our ever strengthening relationship with China, and the strong resolve demonstrated by both the states to establish China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), is the last nail in the coffin for India.
Zack Jud, however, wasn't ready to accept this and posted his feelings on his Facebook page.
But JuD denies terror accusations, and in Pakistan is known for its relief work after natural disasters, particularly the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and 2010 floods.
When asked about handling the many tasks involved with his roles as HBMA Board President and PBN President and CEO, Jud explained, "In many ways the roles overlap and are complementary.
The creation of the Jama'at-ud-Da'wa was a pre-emptive response to the imminent banning of the LeT: declaring that the responsibility of continuing the Kashmir jihad would be left to those in the Azad Kashmir (Pakistani part of Kashmir), Hafiz Saeed, the founder of the LeT created the JUD in December 2001 (Rana 2009).
The JuD is alleged to have been involved in the Mumbai attacks.
Brooding farm hand, Jud, desires the young girl, too.
That includes Ali Hakim, a comic bogeyman, and the sinister, smouldering Jud.
A hithu'n i 50u, pndrfynnodd Jud Butchr ddysgu sgiliu nwydd ym ms dtblygid dysgu.
When the bees disappeared at last, a lad named Jud gathered the apples in a basket.
A graduate of North High School and the Stockbridge School at UMass, Jud went on to serve his country and the US Army during the Korean War.