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JUDOJungdemokrat (Young Democrat, German)
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USA Judo, the National Governing Body for Judo in the United States, has selected Kazuo Shinohara to be the Tournament Director.
The implications for physical educators and coaches are clear: judo, whether as a school-supported sport, club sport, or a physical education class may be beneficial for our children.
Olympic Team Trials in Judo provide a great venue for us to extend the Monster brand and leverage our U.
Heather Morren, 15, |from Southlands Judo Club, who was awarded a black belt
Club instructor Malcolm Young said: "The club had a fabulous weekend with some exceptional judo demonstrated by very good students.
But he'll keep banging the drum for judo as a way for anyone to improve their health.
She was a seven-time medalist at both the European Judo Championships and the World Judo Championships, and has been European Champion on four occasions.
Coached by Kate Howey - the last British judo fighter to win Olympic silver at the Sydney Games - Gibbons (pictured above) had looked to the heavens and mouthed "I love you Mum" after her semi-final win, in memory of Jeanette who passed away from leukaemia in 2004.
It will also witness the participation of international judo gold medalist arriving from Japan.
JJUUDDOO Set aside any misgivings about scary men in pyjamas by throwing yourself into a fun new exercise regime involving judo.
ST HELENS' Sutton Leisure Centre hosted the North West Premier League 4 Sport judo festival which saw six top-flight sides represented on the mat.
AC151110Gbirk-02) YOUNGSTERS are now getting the chance to represent their local judo club thanks to a new National Lottery-funded project.