JUELJava Unified Expression Language
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The rule among cryptographers, Juels says, is to use a big key--128 bits or more.
So without the identity she had known since marrying at age 18, Juels felt lost.
Juels debated about getting a job, going back to college or maybe joining a social club.
Juels said a glance at some of the students' records might make others cringe with fear.
It's like one big family here,'' said Cathy Carpenter, an administrative assistant at the school that Juels bought in 1995.
But Jimmy credits Juels for helping him clean up his act.
Max, 13, of Woodland Hills agreed that usually he can talk to Juels about things he could never talk about with his own parents.
After 16 years of widowhood, Juels came full circle and chose an option she hadn't considered right after her husband died.
I was so busy with this place for so many years,'' Juels said.
Juels said the county denied his request to charge more money per child so an awake adult could be stationed at each site.
Juels said the county removed 21 juveniles under its custody, and four there from Ventura County will be reassigned because he has decided to close the homes.