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JUFJewish United Fund
JUFJamaat Ul Fuqra (Pakistani militant organization)
JUFJesus Under Fire (book)
JUFJoint-Use Facility
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In 2004, Michael Shapiro worked closely with Michael Kotzin, JUF Executive Vice President, to fund the Israel Studies Project, part of a state-wide effort by the Israel Lobby at both public and private universities.
Estimates from financial statements (#) Asset data for national office only, does not include affiliates (^) Data from draft Form 990 for FYE 2008 (%) Estimate based on FYE 2008 data from 19 affiliates and national headquarters and FYE 2007 data from 32 affiliates ($) Formerly Christian Children's Fund ()) Value of investments for national office only (&) Combined JUF data from FYE 12/31/07 and Federation data from 6/30/08
Julie Bundy says I was so excited when I heard JUF was selected for funding support from RBS Inspiring Enterprise.
However JUF spokesman John King said it is available at all times for negotiations with the company once the threat to Dundalk workers is lifted.
JUF offers free race participation to members of Boys & Girls Clubs, including staff and youth members, as well as the foundation's Test Yourself youth members-Test Yourself is the free JUF point reward program online (testyourselfrewards.
Kennedy Center for the 89,226,519 Performing Arts * FYE 2006 data (+) Estimate based on FYE 2007 data from 57 affiliates and FYE 2006 from 42 affiliates (@) Asset data for national office only (#) Formerly America's Second Harvest (^) Unaudited consolidation (&) Combined JUF data from FYE 12/31/06 and Federation data from FYE 6/30/07 * FYE 2006 data ** FYE 2007 estimates *** Estimate based on FYE 2007 data from 38 affiliates and headquarters and FYE 2006 from 13 affiliates
Chicago Chapter and a member of the Association of Multimedia Communications, DigitalEve, ChicWIT, JUF High Tech division, National Writers Union, Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and a Business Volunteer for the Arts with the Arts & Business Council of Chicago.
Kaplan, his wife and JUF Executive Vice President Michael Kotzin, who are accompanying U.
The JUF Women's Division educates women about the needs of the Jewish community.
JUF has organized the annual Walk With Israel for more than
We are especially proud of this inspiring campaign," said Lois Zoller, 2000 JUF General Campaign Chairman.