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JUGSJava User Group Switzerland (Zurich, Switzerland)
JUGSJames Watt Undergraduate Society (Birmingham University)
JUGSJava User Group Stuttgart eV (Stuttgart, Germany)
JUGSJersey Urban Ghost Society (New Jersey)
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I think she sets the jug under and forgets to turn the tap, as there's nothing you can't believe o' them wenches: they'll set the empty kettle o' the fire, and then come an hour after to see if the water boils.
The servants were bringing in jugs and basins, hot water for shaving, and their well-brushed clothes.
The thump of jugs set down on the floor above could be heard and the clink of china, for there was not as thick a partition between the rooms as one might wish, so Miss Allan, the elderly lady who had been playing bridge, determined, giving the wall a smart rap with her knuckles.
The sparkling treasures of the toilet-table glittered in the dim distance, The jugs and basins were of a rare and creamy white; spotless and beautiful to see.
Or do you suppose that the withering of a hundred kinds of the choicest flowers that blow, called by the hardest Latin names that were ever invented, would give me one fraction of the pain that I shall feel when these old jugs and bottles are swept away as lumber?
Fyne seated immovable before the table charged with plates, cups, jugs, a cold teapot, crumbs, and the general litter of the entertainment turned her head towards us.
On shore it's a complicated question of jugs and basins and tubs; one is always in danger of breaking something, or spoiling something.
Finally a little woman went by carrying two water jugs.
Around the upper fire the fags placed the tables in the form of a horse-shoe, and upon them the jugs with the Saturday night's allowance of beer.
On the mantelpiece was arrayed the innkeeper's collection of figured earthenware pots and stone jugs.
At dinner, there is nothing to drink upon the table, but great jugs full of cold water.
The supper was ready laid, the chairs were drawn round the table, bottles, jugs, and glasses were arranged upon the sideboard, and everything betokened the approach of the most convivial period in the whole four-and-twenty hours.