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JULESJoint UK Land Environment Simulator
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When the King, with his gentlemen, entered the armory he was still smarting from the humiliation of De Montfort's reproaches, and as he laid aside his surcoat and plumed hat to take the foils with De Fulm his eyes alighted on the master of fence, Sir Jules de Vac, who was advancing with the King's foil and helmet.
His son Jules is with him--Jules, who wants to marry her.
Raoul Auguste Jules de Bragelonne, the true son of M.
you don't know Jules Landau, le fameux Jules Landau, le clairvoyant?
He tapped his forehead with a distressful forefinger, to convey his opinion that the widow Jules Giry was most certainly mad, a piece of pantomime which confirmed M.
The moon-faced youth (by name Jules Vanderkelkov, as I afterwards learnt) took the first sentence.
It is the name of Jean Priaulx, and the address is the Hotel Jules Priaulx, Paris.
said the cardinal, sharply; "why had he not, as you have, a Jules Mazarin by his side?
This struck from all three allusions to Edgar Poe and Jules Verne, and such platitudes as naturally rise to the lips of the most intelligent when they are talking against time, and dealing with a new invention in which it would seem ingenuous to believe too soon; and the question of the telephone carried them safely back to the big house.
Jules has promised me a new omelet, on condition that we sit down at precisely half-past one.
I did not teach them, oh no; there was a master for that, one Jules Thibaut.
Then I have had two long beds made in the grass on either side of the semicircle, each sown with mignonette, and one filled with Marie van Houtte, and the other with Jules Finger and the Bride; and in a warm corner under the drawing-room windows is a bed of Madame Lambard, Madame de Watteville, and Comtesse Riza du Parc; while farther down the garden, sheltered on the north and west by a group of beeches and lilacs, is another large bed, containing Rubens, Madame Joseph Schwartz, and the Hen.