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El tren de Moradabad llega con retraso y el puente se tambalea, de tal manera, que el hombre se agarra a los hierros y la mujer se cae o la dejan caer al agua del rio Jumna.
James Baillie Fraser, Journal of a Tour Through Part of the Snowy Range of the Himalaya Mountains, and to the Sources of the Rivers Jumna and Ganges, 2 vols.
In the process, the company's engineers designed and supervised the construction of more than 200 major bridges, some of which span major rivers such as the Indus, the Hooghly, the Ganges and the Jumna.
His first notable winners were Pampas Kid in the Durham National and Jumna in the Final Champion Hunters' Chase (now Horse and Hound Cup) at Stratford in 1957.
5 John Malcolm, Sketch of the Sikhs, a Singular Nation who Inhabit the Provinces of the Penjab, Situated between the Rivers Jumna and Indus (London: J.
Lutyens gave New Delhi a single, aloof link, Minto Road, to what was now dismissed as the "old" city of Delhi, and he broke all connection with Delhi's river, the Jumna.
6) The fact that London eliminated smog and cleaned the Thames or that Europe is moving to reduce noxious emissions from motor vehicles does not necessarily imply that Mexico City will clear its air nor that New Delhi will clean up the Jumna.
One cluster of such stories, perhaps the most important since it resonates throughout the text, is woven around the Jumna river and its importance as a holy river as well as the playground of Krishna.
That wine cup encapsulates the whole of Shah Jahan's stupendous vision, but how is one to see it in that true light if one cannot connect it with the Taj Majal, which Shah Jahan built as the tomb for a beloved wife; if one does not see in it the immense astronomical devices he built in Shahjahanabad (now New Delhi), which stands like a complex of gigantic sculptures; if one has not been awed by the image of shah Jahan's own unachieved tomb, a duplicate of the Taj Mahal but in black marble, across the Jumna River from its white counterpart; if one is ignorant of the perfect simplicities of the Pearl Mosque of AGra?
Auction are invited for Boi new delhi arb ac jumna devi verma and others
LOCAL GOVERNMENT (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) (NI) ORDER 1985 ARTICLE 3 SCHEDULE 1 LICENSING OF PLACES OF ENTERTAINMENT NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR THE RENEWAL OF AN ENTERTAINMENT LICENCE Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of paragraph 5 (3) of the above schedule that an application for the renewal of an Entertainment licence for LINFIELD SUPPORTERS & SOCIAL CLUB, 1 JUMNA STREET, BELFAST, BT13 1NX was lodged with Belfast City Council on 9th April 2015.
Dilip Kumar's film Ganga Jumna was his own production and he acted in that film fabulously and he should have been awarded film fare award for that film, but, unfortunately, award went to Raj Kapoor for his film Jis Desh Mein Ganga Bahti Hai.