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JUMPSJoint Uniform Military Pay System
JUMPSJersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (New Jersey)
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If Lady Grace's mare is a hunter," the Prince remarked, "she can probably jump them.
The Duke pointed out the water jump with some trepidation, but the Prince's glasses rested on it only for a moment.
But not alone at this did they laugh, for at the moment of the snap and the turning over, Captain Duncan's unstrung nerves had exploded, causing him to jump as he tensed his whole body.
You have introduced yourself to David when you jump the railings without touching them, and William Paterson (as proved to be his name) was at once our friend.
He could not backbite, nor envy, nor prevaricate, nor jump at mean motives for generous acts.
Now, Pistache, my good dog, jump the height of this cane for Madame de Montbazon.
Rikki jumped sideways and tried to run in, but the wicked little dusty gray head lashed within a fraction of his shoulder, and he had to jump over the body, and the head followed his heels close.
That's the first time in the history of Bierce's Cove that two men made that jump on the same sea.
I think I could jump over it," said the Cowardly Lion, after measuring the distance carefully in his mind.
Another could not jump well--never COULD jump well--did not believe he could jump so far without long and patient practice.
My nigger had a monstrous easy time, be- cause I warn't used to having anybody do anything for me, but Buck's was on the jump most of the time.
He had lifted his head and whinnied softly the moment he saw Dickon and he had trotted up to him and put his head across his shoulder and then Dickon had talked into his ear and Jump had talked back in odd little whinnies and puffs and snorts.