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JUNKERJapanese Undercover Neuro-Kinetic Elimination Ranger (cult-classic video game)
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Instead, it were the Dynamos who extended their lead in the 50th minute through Junker.
The Junkers bombers from Denmark were unescorted, such was the arrogance of the German commanders.
The Junker had been intensely engaged in a continuing crisis of identity and survival since Napoleon abolished the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation in 1806.
We held a Casthouse seminar for our customers in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia where experts from Otto Junker demonstrated the features and benefits of their special aluminium casthouse and extrusion technology and how it could help companies improve their business performance during these challenging times.
Stavenow, in east-Elbian Brandenburg, offers an excellent example of the classic Junker estate--too modest for an aristocratic magnate, yet large enough to boast an impressive manor house graced with Renaissance gables and family portraits.
Named to the new position of automotive accounts manager is Nelson Beaulieu, who moves back from the Erwin Junker organization.
Mostly too short, too old, and too unprepared, he auditions for everything from strip shows to Siegfried and Roy's glitz extravaganza, and makes one blunder after another, like trading his Mercedes for a junker and getting a consultation for liposuction.
The selection of DDB follows an intensive and comprehensive review process in which many of the nation's leading agencies were systematically evaluated on their ability to deliver on the marketing and communications needs of Alltel," said Philip Junker, Alltel's vice president of marketing.
He wanted to limit peasant forced labor to three or four days per week but was unable to impose this on the Junker nobility.