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JUONJoint Urgent Operational Needs
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The first notable joint force application, the aforementioned MNF-W JUON, demonstrated the maturity of particular BRE technologies for forward operating base electrical power generation.
The panel also includes: Terry Bean - Chief Networking Officer, Networked Inc and Motor City Connect; John Hill - Director of Career Services, Michigan State University; and Catherine Juon - Catalyst and Co-Founder, Pure Visibility.
Therefore Multinational Force-Iraq (MNF-I) submitted a JUON to USCENTCOM.
Ellis helped facilitate the expedited staffing process through the Logistics Functional Capability Board for the JUON and JEON submitted by USAFRICOM.
Additionally, the JIEDDO, the Joint Staff, and the JRAC are collaborating within the rapid acquisition community of interest to develop a system that will provide a more robust, long-term solution for all combatant commands to use for JUON development, resourcing, and tracking.
The advisory group supplements the JRAC Core with additional subject matter expertise and meets depending upon the nature of the JUON and the COCOM involved.
For example, in a longitudinal study examining the effects of school failure on delinquency and psychological distress, Juon (1992) found that school failure is associated with psychological distress and delinquent behavior.
Juon, vice president, Midwest Power, public affairs.
Central Command, received a JUONS approval with funding for an indirect fire intercept capability.
Combatant Commanders submit JUONS and JEONS to the Joint Staff gatekeeper for staffing and adjudication.
The problem would be, however, that the questions would now be OBE (overcome by events) and several iterations of technology would have rolled out with a myriad of ONS, JUONS and associated ad hoc adjustments out in the field.
If your unit is preparing to deploy, has deployed, or is in any other phase of the Army Force Generation process, terms like ONS, JUONS, REF, FOA, OPNET, and FLMNET have become a part of your daily vernacular.