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JUPITERJoint Urban Project In Transport Energy Reduction (EU)
JUPITERJovian Unit Processing Intelligent Terrain and Environment Reconnaissance (University of Texas)
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We had taken, perhaps, a dozen steps in this direction, when, with a loud oath, Legrand strode up to Jupiter, and seized him by the collar.
roared the terrified Jupiter, placing his hand upon his right organ of vision, and holding it there with a desperate pertinacity, as if in immediate dread of his master's attempt at a gouge.
At sight of these the joy of Jupiter could scarcely be restrained, but the countenance of his master wore an air of extreme disappointment He urged us, however, to continue our exertions, and the words were hardly uttered when I stumbled and fell forward, having caught the toe of my boot in a large ring of iron that lay half buried in the loose earth.
The articles taken out were deposited among the brambles, and the dog left to guard them, with strict orders from Jupiter neither, upon any pretence, to stir from the spot, nor to open his mouth until our return.
When you had gone, and when Jupiter was fast asleep, I betook myself to a more methodical investigation of the affair.
Well, Jupiter picked up the parchment, wrapped the beetle in it, and gave it to me.
In this expedition to the 'Bishop's Hotel' I had been attended by Jupiter, who had, no doubt, observed, for some weeks past, the abstraction of my demeanor, and took especial care not to leave me alone.
Jupiter Jack was developed with both ease of use and affordability in mind.
When flares erupt on the side of the sun not visible from Earth, their X rays could still be detectable if they reflected off Jupiter toward Earth.
8) Kristen Lippincott, looking at the vault more recently, felt that the unusual inclusion of Jupiter could be traced to small manuscript images of the deity found in the Germanicus versions of Aratus' Phaenomena [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5B OMITTED].
None of the scientists Tuesday said they expect that Jupiter is a host for even the most primitive of life forms, although as the largest planet in the solar system it meets a key requirement: It contains water.
You probably remember all the excitement last July when a string of comet fragments slammed into the planet Jupiter.