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The PM, who enjoys visiting idyllic Jura in the Inner Hebrides, said in 2007: "I love swimming in the sea there.
Although phlebotomine sand flies have not been reported in Jura to date, Phlebotomus perniciosus sand flies, proven vectors of leishmaniasis, have been found in 2 areas neighboring Jura: Cote-d'Or and Saone-et-Loire (2,3).
Ym mhorthladd cuddiedig Port Askaig fe groesom ar fferi bach i Ynys Jura sydd tua hanner maint Sir Fn ond dim ond 150 o drigolion yn unig.
The impressive Jura is filled with luxury from the L-shaped hall with feature staircase, to the dining room that boasts a spectacular panoramic bay window, giving a conservatory-like ambience.
Federer is set to make an appearance in Dubai at an invitation-only event 'Meet and Greet' by Jura.
The oldest wild eagle previously recorded in Britain was 16, making the Jura bird a "clear record breaker", according to the charity.
Coffema International will be the exclusive distributor of Jura coffee machines in the Middle East.
NML said it believed Jura limestone was less susceptible to weathering and more resistant to graffiti.
A limited number of 1974 whiskies from the Isle of Jura and The Dalmore distilleries are to join the Rare & Prestige Collection from Whyte & Mackay.
The young monks at Baume in the Jura were the 'Ooray 'Enris of their day, sons of aristocrats who enjoyed a worldly view of life.
The three-bedroom Tamar and luxury five-bedroom Jura, both detached homes, have proved popular at other developments and add to the choice of property styles in the county.