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JUREJunior Researchers of European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (Leuven, Belgium)
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The biggest problem of measuring de jure harmonisation is that the research term measures comparability with legislation and not real approaches companies use.
This acquisition will be a share exchange making Jure Roofing a subsidiary of Solar Integrated Roofing Corp.
According to art 65 paragraph (2) of the new Criminal Code, the mandatory accessory punishment consists in the restriction ipso jure of certain rights stipulated by the law.
It took two years to decide which works by which artists would be included in the show, Jure said, explaining that this exhibition attempts to contribute to Beirut regaining "its position as a cultural and artistic platform," and to form hitherto unexploited bonds between the two countries.
Instantly, Hanforth looked out to second where the runner, Andre Le Jure was peering in.
De jure and De facto Rigidity in the General Terms for Natural Kinds".
She cites as an example in this regard Velija Ramkovski who admitted to being the owner to Koha e Re, Vreme and Spic although de jure he is not so.
Lovricia jalzici was described in 1979 which is presently known only from a single female specimen found at the cave Gospodska peAina in Croatia; Lovricia aenigmatica is known from one male and one female found at an unnamed pit near the peak Sveti Jure on the Biokovo Mountains and from another female from LovriAija Jama II (Sveti Jure, Biokovo); lastly, Neolovricia ozimei was described also very recently (2009), and is known from one female found in the cave A pilja u Radinovcima in the Biokovo Mountains, Croatia.
JUBILANT Jure Travner smashed a last-gasp winner for Saints then beamed: "The only way is up.
A total of 139 countries have abolished the death penalty de jure or de facto, while 58 still uphold it.
The IGAD and its partners and friends from the international community knew that it is only through genuine democratic transformation that the referendum could be seen as a success, both de jure and de facto.