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JUSJournal of Usability Studies (Usability Professionals' Association)
JUSJump Ultimate Stars (video game)
JUSJuristischen Schulung (German: Legal Training)
JUSJapan Unix Society
JUSJovenes Universitarios Salesianos (Spanish: Salesian Youth University; various locations)
JUSJournal of Uncertain Systems (mathematics; UK)
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See Bassiouni, supra note 15, at 66 (arguing that jus cogens norms imply "universality of jurisdiction").
governs jus cogens claims against natural and artificial persons without
A central theme of the work is that the Christian insistence on forgiveness and reconciliation is essential to the establishment of true and lasting peace, and any account of the jus post bellum that fails to take this into account will be incomplete, Allaying any fears of sectarianism, the authors enter into dialogue with secular proponents of a jus post bellum ethic, particularly Brian Orend (see The Morality of War, 2006).
Jus ad bellum, the law governing the resort to force, is based on the U.
Praetorian edicts were the basis for the Jus Honorarium (magistrate-made administrative law).
The article by Kristen Boon published in issue 2 of the same volume is entitled "Legislative Reform in Post-conflict Zones: Jus Post Bellum and the Contemporary Occupant' s Law-Making Powers," not "Legislative Reform in Post-conflict Zones: Just Post Bellum and the Contemporary Occupant's Law-Making Powers" as identified on the cover page.
The Hudson River and Brooklyn Bridge Parks; the Greenpoint and Williamsburg waterfront and the redevelopment of Governor's Island are jus a few of the projects that are reshaping our the City's waterfront and require appropriate waterborne transportation to be successful development projects" said Tom Fox, President and CEO of New York Water Taxi.
Selon eux, les producteurs bresiliens vendent du jus d'orange concentre surgele (FCOJ) sur le marche americain a des prix inferieurs aux couts de production.
The Latin word for "right" is jus, from which is derived the word "justice"; for the object of justice is the jus or "right.
The body of International Law governing military action is divided into the jus in bello (law governing conduct once armed conflict is under way) and the jus ad bellum (law governing when armed conflict may be initiated).
Those are the conditions for going to war (the jus ad bellum).
Eleven-year-old DJ Jus rode a scooter around the coliseum floor before rehearsal.