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JUSJuristischen Schulung (German: Legal Training)
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JUSJovenes Universitarios Salesianos (Spanish: Salesian Youth University; various locations)
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Although article 53 of Vienna Convention on Law Treaties invalidates only the treaties that are conflicting with jus cogens, there is no reason of not invalidating other norms of International Law which derogate from it; as jus cogens norms are as paramount, cherished and common to international community of states as whole.
It was undoubtedly delicious and, while probably earning its place on the menu as a 'safe' and not overly-complicated choice, I felt it could have benefited from a little more seasoning in the jus to prevent it becoming slightly monotonous towards the end.
While some scholars have begun to imagine how jus ad bellum principles might look different when adapted to the use of limited force against nonstate actors, there has been no systematic attempt to theorize about jus ad vim.
of nations, (9) jus gentium, (10) as indicating public international
Slice lamb, arrange over asparagus, drench with Jus.
The case thus invites a fuller consideration of the origins and functions of the jus cogens concept as a limit on both sovereign immunity and sovereign power.
In this revised version of her doctoral thesis, the author examines the concept of unilateral defense in modern warfare in the jus ad bellum of international law, which governs the conditions under which war is permitted.
Pour ce qui est des unites de production des boissons gazeuses, le taux moyen de conformite a atteint 84% avec un certain ecart entre les unites (entre 47 et 98%), toujours selon cette etude qui a cible 20 unites d'eaux, 15 unites de boissons gazeuses et 17 unites de jus.
While its bias is for jus sanguinis (by blood ties) as seen from the enumerations of who are citizens of this country, there is absolutely no preclusion against a classification by jus soli (by place of birth).
Yet, this principle of ex injuria jus non oritur is seemingly ignored in the uneasy relationship between the two international legal regimes most associated with war.
Until the 1990s, the two main examples of jus soli and jus sanguinis were France and Germany, respectively.