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JUSCOJamshedpur Utility and Services Company (Tata Steel)
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After considering a number of well-established Japanese companies, we selected JUSCO based on their specialty retail capabilities, business acumen, and commitment to this venture.
JUSCO is the core company of an international retailing business conglomerate composed of over 150 domestic and foreign companies with consolidated revenue totaling U.
212-626-3408; or Tom Tsuruta, Senior Vice President of JUSCO - U.
We are particularly pleased with the speed at which OfficeMax and JUSCO moved to open the Nagoya store in less than one year from the date we signed our joint venture agreement.
This new location is approximately 30 miles outside of Nagoya in the city of Yokkaichi, situated in a shopping center known as Power City, with co-tenants including The Sports Authority, Toys "R" Us and MAXVALU, a supermarket chain owned by JUSCO.
Takuya Okada, the Chairman and Chief Executive of JUSCO, are slated to outline the joint venture's future growth plans at the event.
The parties have also agreed to cooperatively explore additional Asian joint venture possibilities outside of Japan where JUSCO already has a presence.
CONTACT: Investor Relations, Juris Pagrabs, Divisional Vice President, of OfficeMax, 216-295-6698, or Tom Tsuruta, Senior Vice President, of JUSCO, 212-821-9104/
As under the previous repurchase authorizations, share repurchases from JUSCO (U.
We believe the partnership we have formed will be profitable and efficient for both Claire's and JUSCO.
Schaefer noted that JUSCO is committed to shopping malls as today's most effective retail locations.
CONTACT: Glenn Canary, Director, Investor Relations, Claire's Stores, 305-433-3900; or Tom Tsuruta, Vice President, JUSCO USA, 212-821-9100/