JUSTASJoint Unmanned Surveillance Target Acquisition System (Canada Air Force)
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Since JUSTAS could see the CAF acquire as many as 18 UAVs, it is possible that Northrop Grumman could put forward both models to meet the combined need of maritime and Arctic surveillance.
forces, is another contender for Canada's JUSTAS program, which will see the CAF equipped with as many as 18 long-range, medium-altitude UAVs.
The Department of National Defence's report on major Crown projects for 2012-2013 noted that JUSTAS "will complement existing reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition capabilities, increase maritime and arctic domain awareness and provide precision force application in support of Land and Special Operations Forces" (emphasis added).
But in a November 2011 interview the JUSTAS deputy project director Maj.
Because of the technological risks, JUSTAS had originally been divided into two projects: the purchase of aircraft for expeditionary operations coming first and the acquisition for domestic and maritime missions coming later.
Given the amount of time that JUSTAS has been on the books, the technology has caught up," Wuennenberg explained.
Wuennenberg said the primary role for JUSTAS would be intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, with the secondary role being the ability to carry and use weapons.
All of the aircraft purchased for JUSTAS, however, will be capable of being outfitted with weapons.
On September 5, 2008, the government also released its first letter of interest to the defence industry on JUSTAS.
But RCAF officers say JUSTAS is now back on track with the service expecting to start the project this summer.
JUSTAS will include the procurement of the air vehicles, spare parts, ground stations and a 20-year in-service support package to be provided by the winning bidder.
A number of companies are prepared to bid on the JUSTAS once a request for proposals is issued and all flak e promoted their products at previous CANSEC shows.