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JUSTISJoint Uniform Services Technical Information System
JUSTISJUMPS Standard Terminal Input System
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The Justis Project at the university of Wales, Aberystwyth, and the University of Northumbria, found that: Higher education students were only slightly more likely to turn to a computer for help first rather than a book; Half of the further education students asked said they went to the internet first compared to a quarter who went to books first, and Both studies showed students wanted to be able to use libraries to access help electronically.
The results confirmed the findings of Castrogiovanni and Justis (2002) suggesting that growth in franchising activity exerted greater influence on network growth.
You might wonder why a university wouldn't say, 'Let's sell the entire campus and lease back the space,'" says Justis.
So did 17-year-old Justis Smith brutally murder holiday girl Rebecca Middleton?
Nick Wechsler and Dede Gardner produced the film, with Brad Pitt, Richard Brener, Michele Weiss and Justis Greene serving as executive producers.
But he isn't the only one with special abilities: the perp holds the ability to burn out his victims' eyes with magic, and as the bodies pile up, Justis finds he must call on all his abilities, both human and special, to thwart his foe.
com)-- Justis Publishing now indexing South African judgments from SAFLII.
As America ages, we expect to see the nature of work change and the length of time workers continue working increase;' explains Rachel Justis, Research Center analyst at the Kelley School of Business.
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Rachel Justis, "Workers Needed: Please Apply by 2025--The Changing 25-to-54 Age Group," InContext, February 2008.
Justis Smith and Kirk Mundy, then 17 and 21, were arrested.