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In fact, jute is an important agricultural item of Bangladesh which has long been neglected despite being one of the major foreign exchange earning sectors with huge potential of diversified use.
Also, in 2016, experts' found that the water extracts of jute leaves (ewedu) and root has an antacid activity which supports the ethnomedicinal claims of the use of the plant in the management of acidity as well as an ulcer.
The decision, the Committee claimed, would sustain the core demand for the jute sector and support the livelihood of the workers and farmers dependent on the sector.
At the top, cut the jute and brush Mod Podge onto the end to secure it to the can and, again, stop it fraying.
Natural plant fibers like jute provide a clean, trendy look that never really seems to go out of style," said Wendy Reiss, vice president, sales and national accounts, Kas Rugs.
Following a letter from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, SR Gaikwad, Director ( Jute), Ministry of Textiles, has written to the Jute Commissioner of Kolkata that due to the current steep hike in the price of raw jute, the price of jute bags has also increased, resulting in a higher burden of subsidy to be given by the Central government for purchase of jute bags.
Dubai: Three men who possessed 916,400 tramadol pills that drug enforcement officers found hidden in huge jute bags at a truck parking site, have been jailed for three years each.
The development of alternative strategies for sustainable management of this pest in jute crop is urgent.
Fold each pennant over jute or ribbon and glue together with fabric glue.
According to the data the production of jute (hessian sacking and others) in the country was 103957 tons in 2003-04 but now it stands at 101722 tons in 2013-14 while it touched heights of 137411 tons during 2008-09.
The production of jute in the country was 103957 tons in 2003/04 but now it stands at 101722 tons in 2013/14 while it touched heights of 137411 tons during 2008/09.