JUTHJos University Teaching Hospital (Jos, Nigeria)
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The name was later changed to NANIN at the 2nd Annual conference held in JUTH.
The Public Relations Officer of the first Executive, Halima Kabara, worked tirelessly with due consultations with Mr H Danladi JP, NANIN Adviser and coordinator of the Post Basic Intensive Care Nursing School JUTH, and Mrs Oby Oguariri
Nicholas, Lagos), heart surgery (University Community Hospital, Ibadan; University Nursing Teaching Hospital, Enugu), brain surgery (LUTH, Lagos; OAUTH, Ife; JUTH, Jos), and spinal surgery (NOHI, Lagos).
Acknowledgment: We thank APIN, JUTH for permission to use the patients' data.
Women provided written informed consent and institutional ethical review board approvals from the Ethics Committee at JUTH and the Institutional Review Board at the Harvard School of Public Health were obtained for the study.
This study was conducted in three Harvard/APIN-sponsored sites which provided health services to pregnant women of diverse social economic strata in the city of Jos, thus reducing bias in the population sampled compared to the previous study which was conducted in JUTH alone (8).